Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Danue Passion Fruit Wine - My First Taste of a Fruit Wine

Recently I noticed that there is a new trend in wines, fruit wines.  I’ve seen apple wines, blackberry wines, peach, raspberry and pear wines.  I never tried any of them until last week when I did a tasting of a passion fruit wine.  Morad Winery Danue Passion Fruit Wine is an Israeli wine that is part of the fruit wine craze.  I’ve had passion fruit drinks before and they always tasted sweet, but this wine tasted more like a grapefruit.  That is good if you like grapefruit, unfortunately I don’t.  However, the store’s customers loved the taste of the wine and were buying it.  Passion fruit is rich in vitamin, especially vitamin A, so drinking this wine is probably good for your health.  Danue Passion Fruit Wine has aromatic floral scents and exotic taste. This wine is best enjoyed with salads, desserts, ice cream and enriches the taste of cocktails.  This is a perfect summer wine if you want to try something different.  

So although I was not crazy about this wine (only because I don’t like grapefruit) it did make me curious about other fruit wines.  Now I am on a mission to find and try more fruit wines.

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  1. My favorite wine in the whole world...It is as if it is the "elixir" of heaven...or Hawaii in a bottle...made in Israel...