Sunday, August 14, 2011

RASHI JOYVIN - A Taste of Nostalgia

Do you remember your first wine?  I don’t mean Manischewitz or Kedem basic wines, but the step up.  For me it was Italian Rashi Joyvin White and Red.  Now I am Russian and Jewish so obviously it was perfectly acceptable to drink at family events before I was 21 and these wines were perfect for all the family and holiday celebrations.  The wines are low in alcohol, (only 6%) and are sweet.  I remember the first time I drank the Joyvin Red at Passover, it made me feel like such a grown up. 

Recently when deciding which wine to do a tasting of I caught sight of the Joyvin bottles and as nostalgia settled over me I decided to taste them.  Since my tasted changed in the last 15 years these wines are not typically what I drink anymore, but they were still very pleasant to taste.  For anyone who likes Moscato but gets tired of the bubbles the white one is perfect.  It has a very pleasant, light, fruity flavor.  The red is also very light with citrus and melon flavors.  I also love how the bottles look, they are skinny, extended with frosted glass.  These wines are perfect as starters, with dessert, ice cold on a hot summer day or when you don’t want to drink a high alcohol wine.    

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