Sunday, May 1, 2011

Binyamina Liqueurs Make Sex and the City 2 Better

A few days ago my mom and I had a girl day.  We watched Sex and the City 2 while drinking fun cocktails.  The movie was really bad but the drinks were really good because I found some fun cocktail mixers in my mom’s house.   She had Binyamina Liqueurs which come in a few different flavors.  Since we were watching Sex and the City I started us of with Cosmopolitans using the Triple Sec liqueur.  Then we moved on to an Apple Martini using the Sour Apple liqueur, my mom really liked it but it was too sour for me.  We finished off with the Chocolate Martini using the Chocolate liqueur. 

Benyamina has some other flavors Banana, Lemoncello, Amaretto and Wishniak.  I really want to try the Wishniak, which is a cherry flavored liquor.

Here are the cocktail recopies I used that night.

• 1 shot vodka
• 1/2 shot triple sec
• 1/2 shot cranberry juice
• 1/2 shot lime juice
Add ingredients to cocktail mixer, shake, then strain into a chilled martini glass.

Apple Martini
• 1 part vodka
• 1 part Sour Apple 
• 1 part apple juice

Chocolate Martini 
• 1.5 shots Vodka 
• 1.5 shots Chocolate Liqueur

Thanks to these drinks the end of the movie was great

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